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  • An Intense Weekend for Severe Storms

    Cole Abshere
    3 Aug 2015 | 1:58 pm
    The first weekend of August saw wild weather from one side of the country to the other: > This summer hit hard with severe weather: The post An Intense Weekend for Severe Storms appeared first on WeatherNation.
  • The Northwest Is Still On the Roller Coaster

    Jason Cerjak
    3 Aug 2015 | 12:54 pm
    The Pacific Northwest has been on a major temperature roller coaster ride this summer. Much of Washington, Oregon and Idaho have set record highs one week, then record lows the next. For those in this part of the country, the roller coaster ride isn’t going to stop; at least not this week. A system pulls in the Northwest from Alaska this week bringing cooler than normal air and will take the region’s high temperatures below average just days after record highs were common all across Washington, Oregon and Idaho. After this next system passes through, high temperatures on Wednesday…
  • Watch: Insane Tornado Dash Cam Footage – South Dakota

    Cole Abshere
    31 Jul 2015 | 4:17 pm
    Sanborn County South Dakota: A Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office patrol cruiser utilized a dash cam to capture an unbelievable video of a tornado last week north of Al’s Corner. (7/23/15) Watch July was hit hard with severe weather: The post Watch: Insane Tornado Dash Cam Footage – South Dakota appeared first on WeatherNation.
  • Dangerous Heat: A Silent Killer

    Tracey Anthony
    31 Jul 2015 | 9:39 am
    Heat kills over 600 people a year in the U.S. Unfortunately for people of the Pacific Northwest, extreme heat has become all too common this summer. Areas like Seattle, WA and Portland, OR continue to break heat records and today we’re heating up again! Thursday marks the 10th day this year that Seattle has reached 90° – making this the only year since record keeping began that Seattle has seen more than nine days with temperatures of 90° or warmer. The warmest month ever in Seattle was August 1967 – but with a very warm July and one more extremely hot day today, we are…
  • WATCH: Severe Lightning & Flash Flooding Slap Tucson

    Cole Abshere
    30 Jul 2015 | 2:19 pm
    Tucson, Arizona: Heavy rains due to the Arizona monsoon, spark flash flooding across the area. Tucson quickly received over an inch of rain, resulting in noticeable changes in height and flow to the Santa Cruz River. The river rushed north carrying debris in its strong rapids. Tucson Electric Power stated: “20,000 customers experienced power outages due to the storm.” This video shows a slow motion lightning strike. Loving this weather @whatsuptucson #Tucson — Rubi (@Rubibliss) July 29, 2015 Tucson Fire Department: Emergency crews responded after…
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    Pakistan Weather Forecast and Updates, Satellite Maps, Articles, Cyclones and Earthquake Updates

  • Meteorites fall in Sindh Pakistan

    12 Jul 2015 | 11:53 am
    Meteorite Shower in Tharparkar - Pakistan Around Eastern SindhMeteorites are naturally occurring small rocky or metallic body objects that originate in and travelling through space, and survive a fall to the ground through Earth's atmosphere. When the object enters the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 20km/s (kilometer per second), aerodynamic heating generates a streak of light, from the glowing object and the trail of glowing particles that it leaves in its wake. This is called a meteor, or colloquially a "falling star" or "shooting star" is very bright meteors and they…
  • Tornado Kills 35, over 150 injured in Peshawar

    26 Jun 2015 | 11:36 am
    Huge Damages In Pakistani City Peshawar and it's adjoiningHeavy tornado along with wind speeds of 110 kilometres per hour (68 miles per hour)  PMD described the storm as a "mini cyclone  in Peshawar.Dead toll rose to 35 on Sunday with quite one hundred fifty individuals among the wounded. Gail wind and significant rainfall caused ceilings of variety of clay homes and walls to collapse and trees to tear apart in Noshehra, Akbarpura and areas set within the outskirts of metropolis. Women and kids are among the victims. According to officers, many homes and walls…
  • Hottest summer: Heatwave kills more than 1000 in Karachi

    23 Jun 2015 | 12:28 pm
    Karachi Under scorching SunIn Karachi, the temperatures rose to 45°C. And, consistent with the newest forecast, the weather can stay hot/very hot and dry throughout subsequent twenty four hours.The soaring temperatures within the port town to a low pressure that developed within the Arabian Sea close to the Indian monetary hub of Mumbai and sucked all told the winds processing towards Asian country. The temperatures can begin dropping from Monday and later can bring some rain prospects for Karachiites. Few chances of shower still persist here for lower Sindh during next 24-48…
  • First Pre-Monsoon Activity of Sindh in 2015

    3 Jun 2015 | 8:57 am
    Massive Dust Storm hit Karachi regionPowerful dust storm (Maximum wind speed around 60 - 80  km/h) with drizzle/light shower in Karachi due to Pre Monsoon activity in different parts of Sindh Pakistan. Dust storm damaged trees & Weak Bill Boards.Pre-Monsoon Shower in SINDHAccording to our reports from Sindh, Isolated shower occurred in some central & Lower parts of Sindh,  including Dadu, Nawabshah, Nagerparker, Umerkot ,Tharparker, Hyderabad, Rohri, Moro, Larkana.  Rainfall Figure in Sindh: Dadu 42 mm Nawabshah 37 Padidan 36 mm. Karachi…
  • Islamabad's Geography, Climate, and Environment

    1 Jun 2015 | 10:24 am
    ISLAMABAD THE WORLD'S BEAUTIFUL CAPITAL CITY In this world, Pakistan is one of few countries to have every kind of geological structure. The geography structure of the country Pakistan is a blend of landscapes. You will find plateaus, hills, deserts, forests, and plains. There are coastal areas along the mountains of the Karakoram Range in the north side and Arabian Sea in south of Pakistan. Geologically Pakistan overlaps the Eurasian, Iranian, and Indian tectonic plates. Islamabad is one of a best city of Pakistan. The tourist can visit this city every year. It is located at 33.43°N…
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